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Are You Wasting Time Without Even Knowing It?

10 Jan , 2013,
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No matter where you work or what your title is, it is imperative that you are good, accurate and efficient at what you do.  But we may be wasting time without even knowing it!  According to Entrepreneur, these are the seven common things may be keeping you from reaching your maximum productivity:

Overload on administrative work.

Are you doing things you don’t like or aren’t good at, or working for hours on something that falls under someone else’s expertise?  Perhaps looking at switching responsibilities within the company could help overall functionality, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability.

Procrastinating on quick tasks.

There are some small things that every business person must do- send out that email, schedule an appointment, sign up for a meeting.  But how many times do we look at something like that and think that because it is so menial, tedious and boring, we will put it off until later?  Doing that wastes time.  If it only takes a few seconds or minutes to accomplish, then do it right away.

Micromanaging employees.

As a manager or business owner, you need to “manage” your employees, not hold their hand through every task they need to do.  I heard a saying a few days ago that goes like this: “You should trust, but verify.”  And that is how you should be able to handle your employees.  You should trust your team enough to let them to their job without spending your time walking them through each and every step, but as a manager, it is your responsibility to verify that they are staying on task and producing good work.  But verifying takes a lot less time than hand holding.

 You let daily developments drive you.

You should spend most of your day working on the growth and development of your business, not putting out fires.  Of course, things happen that must be dealt with.  But at the end of the day, this shouldn’t be what drives your schedule.

 You don’t have a clear social media strategy.

This is simple- if you don’t understand what your game plan is, then most of your time spent on social media could be wasted time.

 You try to reinvent the wheel.

Spend time on promising endeavors, and learn when to move forward with a task or project, and when to say no and walk away.  You’re not quitting- you are being strategic.

 You repeat the same things over and over.

Do you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly?  Or having to draft similar emails each day or week?  Then create a template that can be copied and possibility edited each time it’s needed.  You’ll save a lot of time by proofreading something than you would if you had to write it from scratch.  And, you can afford to spend more time on the template than you would on each individual email or response, so odds are, the quality of your responses will increase by using a template.