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Public Cloud Quickly Surpassing Private Cloud

25 Aug , 2014,
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“The cloud” IT lingo has permeated the industry for quite a while now, but for businesses that haven’t switched from their current data storage solutions, it’s important to take a look at why the public cloud could work for you.

According to Forbes, the “public cloud is better than traditional infrastructure in nearly every way for most applications”.  To translate, this means that storing your data in a public cloud (or “online”) is better than storing it on your desktop or server in your office.  For many reasons, this makes a lot of sense.  If you’re storing your accounting information (i.e. QuickBooks) on your desktop or server, then you absolutely need a great anti-virus program, and a fail proof backup system.  If your server crashes, it is imperative that you have copies of your data elsewhere, so as to not lose all of your company’s financial information.  If you don’t, it could cost you thousands of dollars to either rebuild that information or take it to an accountant so they can redo all of the work you already did.  If you do have a state of the art backup system for your infrastructure, you won’t have to worry about those hassles- but you probably have quite a hefty price tag for that peace of mind.  And that doesn’t include yearly maintenance, updates and other work your IT company must do in order to keep you up to date and operating well.

With the public cloud, all of those worries, costs and responsibilities are placed on your cloud hosting provider- and usually at a much lower cost to you.  And because your data is no longer stored in your office, you’ll free up a lot of desktop or server space, which can really improve the longevity of your machine.  Worried that working online might not be for you?  Well, if you’re already using online banking, then you are primed to start using cloud technology!

Those benefits are applicable to basically any program or data you store in the cloud, but storing your accounting information there has some specific benefits as well.  As a business owner, you now have the flexibility to work on your financials or view them at any time, from virtually anywhere.  You also have constant access to your financial team and your accountant- those “big business” perks and resources are now available to you!  With the added freedom and time saving ways of conducting business, you’ll have a lot more time to do what you do best- run your business!

Thinking that cloud accounting could work wonders for your company?  Give us a call today at (570) 430-8082!  We can sit down and talk to you about how it works, and even help you in your transition if you decide that the public cloud would benefit you!

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