Wentworth and Associates is dedicated to providing quality service and individualized attention to our clients.  For our business clients, we understand that your financials are the backbone of your company, and we work diligently to ensure that our working relationship reflects that.  Our individual clients also benefit from a personalized experience, because their taxes and other financial matters are important and deserve timely and quality care.

Below are some stories from a few of our clients who have benefited from Wentworth and Associates’ dedication and expertise:


“Wentworth and Associates helped us to update our entire Point of Sale system for both the Clubhouse and Proshop, so we are able to do so many more things more efficiently.  They updated our accounting procedures as well, and now we know exactly where our Country Club stands in real time, rather than waiting months for reports and expenses to be compiled.  Kirsten is responsive and helpful, and makes sure we truly understand what’s going on.  She’s great to work with, and our shareholders are very happy, too!”

-Carmen M., Board Member of local Country Club


“Kirsten and WAI helped me through multiple business transitions, and they have been great to work with.  Reliable, timely and pleasant- I’d recommend them to anybody!”

-David F., Business Owner (Business and Individual Client)


“Kirsten and Kim were such a help to me as I tried to clean up my books.  They walked me through the process, and did a fantastic job!  It was great to see my business finally all in order, and I feel so much better knowing that my accounting is in their capable hands.  Whenever I have a question, they’re always there to answer me, and are quick to respond, which means a lot in my industry.  My employees love working with them, as do I, and I feel confident that I made a great choice in choosing Wentworth and Associates.”

-Bill G., Bill Goodwin Enterprises


“I switched to Wentworth and Associates when I felt like I wasn’t getting everything back in taxes that I should.  It was great to see them work so hard to make sure I wasn’t overpaying in taxes, and they’re so responsive to my questions- even after April!  I’d recommend these guys to anyone who wants a good preparer!”

-Chris V., Individual Tax Client

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