We offer all of our services in the cloud for business owners with demanding and time sensitive schedules that require them to effectively utilize their resources.


We offer the full online versions of the Thomson Reuters suite, QuickBooks and ADP.

Our cloud based accounting software makes it possible to swiftly process data and break down barriers to productivity.  The cloud accounting model grants smaller firms access to computing power previously reserved for large corporations.  Our technology removes geographic barriers that allow for real-time communication and collaboration.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Bookkeeping

We can enter all of your income and expenses, or you can do it yourself.  You can grant ‘user access’ to anyone in your office, and control permissions for each user.  This increases your financial security and improves communication within your firm and ours.  We also collaborate with local banks to give our clients access to business credit cards that can earn 1% cash back on purchases, and online bill pay programs that are simpler and safer.  This is the first stage where we decrease your company’s operating costs.

  • Accounting

Your financial information is instantly accessible to both you and your accountant.  Monthly schedules, reports and review can be accomplished without any costly travel time or delays.  This creates instant collaboration between our firm and yours to improve monthly/quarterly/yearly review procedures, ongoing tax planning and business partnering.

  • Tax

Rethink the way your taxes are done.  Your tax accountant takes your year-end financial reports and enters each line item into their tax program.  When your bookkeeping and accounting is done in Thomson Reuters, your information is automatically downloaded into our tax software.  This eliminates the redundant data entry, and reduces operating costs and the risk of errors.  Rather than needlessly costing your company additional time and money, we spend our time reviewing for accuracy and maximizing your tax credits.  We know that saving money and making sure returns are correct are what’s most important to you.

For clients that need to transmit data to us without the hassle of mailings or the risk of email, we offer them the use of our client portal. You’d simply scan and upload your information into our password protected, secure document exchange program that is encrypted for your security and confidentiality. The transfer allows us to access your documentation instantly, so we can keep your records operating in real time.

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